May 17, 2022
Hastings, Nebraska

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A lee cyclone was forecast to develop across western Kansas and cause a dryline to sweep east across the state while a warm frontal zone was expected to strengthen and lift into Southern Nebraska. SPC had an enhanced risk forecast in the southeast portion of Nebraska.

1630z SPC day 1 tornado outlook

It appeared that convective mode in Nebraska was going to be a bit messy and if I was going to head out it would probably be southern Nebraska hoping to catch the later development to the southwest.

I hung around home until later in the evening when a mesoscale discussion was finally issued around 2230z as a few cells began to develop along the front south of North Platte near the state line.

Visible satellite at 22z with location marked
Mesoscale discussion issued at 2230z

I decided to saunter to the southwest shortly after the issuance of the MD and intercept the line that was developing between Kearney and Colby.

Visible satellite at 23z as I began to leave GI

I took I-80 west to intercept the storms and got to Shelton before I decided to bail south before the line overtook me so I could get shots from in front. I got a nice vantage point west of Kenesaw and there was a cool mini supercell that I snapped a few shots of.

The line began to sag south so I continued south on county roads to stay in front of the line. This became increasingly difficult as roads became more and more sketchy. As I arrived at highway 4 west of Blue Hill I debated just bailing east and let the line overtake me, but opted to continue south on dirt hoping to get to US 136. While heading south on dirt I stopped amongst some wind turbines for some more photos.

There were a couple tornado reports during this but they appeared to be mostly brief dusty swirls. I never saw anything where I was but it was a fun chase, nonetheless. As I headed back home the sky put on a show with some very bright crepuscular rays and their counterparts on the other side of the sky.

Chase Recap

Grand Island, NE @ 17/2301ZGrand Island, NE @ 18/0143Z02 hours, 42 minutes


Chase Map

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