In my spare time I like to create weather or chasing related web applications that I can use. I’ve decided to share these with you in case you, too, find them useful.

Tornado Event Viewer (beta)

This is a project that I started to allow us to relate tornado videos on YouTube spatially. Right now if you want to view all the videos from a particular event, it’s difficult to do. This app aims to place those videos as pins on a map related to where they were filmed, as well as associate them with a particular surveyed tornado. Click here to check it out!


Mesoviewer (beta)

I find a lot of times when I am writing chase logs from a few months after the event I wish I had the SPC mesoanalysis sector graphics from that day. I developed a script to download and archive all the sector views when they are within a tornado watch. Right now you need to know what tornado watch you want to find data for as that is how they are indexed. The selection list is ordered by year and watch # so if you want Tornado Watch #240 from 2017 find KWNSTOA20170240 from the list and click GO. Click here to check it out!