Month: May 2014

31 May

May 31, 2014 – What am I doing in Wyoming??

May 31st was the second day of a 9 day mini-chasecation. The first couple of days featured a small shortwave trough traversing the northern part of the High Plains and Black Hills which provided slight chance opportunities at severe weather around the Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming areas. An area of low pressure was forecast to strengthen over north central Wyoming with a diffuse front stretching east into South Dakota and a trough extending from the low south into eastern New Mexico.

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11 May

May 11, 2014 – Nebraska Mother’s Day Tornadoes

A stretched surface low in place from Texas to Nebraska with an associated warm front extending through eastern Nebraska into Iowa. A dry line extended south through western Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Dew points in the mid to upper 60s were expected to wrap around into the triple point while surface winds in that area were forecast to be SSE to SE at 20 knots. The target for the day was the triple point area so the plan was to sit in Beatrice and await initiation.

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