Month: July 2010

22 Jul

July 22, 2010 – Fennville Supercell Lightning Barrage!

(Just a quick upload, didn’t plan for this day, chased the early supercell after Battle Creek then went out again to the lakeshore to catch the tornadic supercells coming across Lake Michigan.  Followed the supercell from Fennville all the way home, here’s some photos of the CG Lightning.  That storm was freakin bonkers! (The second picture: those are headlights going by during the exposure)

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13 Jul

July 13, 2010 – North Dakota

I had taken the 13th and 14th off of work to high tail it up to western Minnesota to see what the weather would have in store for me and while the 14th was supposed to be the bigger outbreak day, the 13th was the better day for me.  Although I bagged no tornadoes on either day, I was treated to quite a long lived supercell that tracked across southern North Dakota and west central Minnesota.

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