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05 Jun

April 13, 2019 – Failure in Louisiana

So, in the days leading up to April 13th, SPC began highlighting a severe risk in Northern Louisiana on the Day 5 outlook. I began to talk myself into chasing Dixie Alley. “At least you should do it once,” I kept telling myself. In my ten years of chasing, I’d heeded the warnings of other veterans that chasing down there is not fun. Winding, tree-lined roads lent itself to poor chasing visibility. That’s what I always heard. A few chasers who chased down there frequently would always counter with “there’s some good spots. It’s not all bad!”

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10 Mar

June 16, 2014 – The Pilger Day

This blog entry will be a little different than usual because the Pilger, Nebraska day was quite the failure for me and I’ve wrote about it in a couple of different places. While I caught the tail end of a very rain-wrapped tornado near Wakefield, a series of missteps and general apathy led to a disastrous chase day for me, probably my worst. I have no photos or videos from this chase, so it will mostly be a description of how I pictured the day to unfold and how I executed those plans.Read more

18 Jan

June 4, 2014 – Chimney Rock

June 4th was a sort of down day on the chase vacation. There was a slight chance for severe weather across the Nebraska Panhandle, Western Kansas and into Eastern Colorado, but probabilities were pretty low. A slight 35-40kt westerly flow at 500mb with CAPE values approaching 2,000 J/Kg provided decent dynamics and instability, but the cap was forecast to be moderate which might prevent any robust convection from taking off.Read more

10 Apr

April 9-10, 2013 – Midwest Busts

Going to consolidate these two days into one log since not much happened between them. In fact, I have no photos or video from either day. I really wasn’t expecting the two days to be complete duds, as there was a pretty decent H5 trough on the 9th that transitioned to a closed low on the 10th. However, a strong cold front was crashing across the nation and a quasi-stationary front was draped across the Midwest.Read more

26 May

May 26, 2012 – Bust in Nebraska

Just a quick entry on this day. Brad an I ran up from Salina to Albion, Nebraska where we grabbed some lunch in the scorching heat. The restaurant where we grabbed lunch was some type of Faraday cage and I had virtually no cellular signal, so we took off to the south side of town and found a little county park with a sketchy outhouse that was sealed shut with rusty wire and a broken padlock. I had to use the restroom, but I wasn’t up for risking a tetanus shot for the privilege.  Here we sat watching for any sign of development in the sky. As we continued to check data, it looked like the best chances for development would be up near the NE/SD border where the cap was starting to show a slight erosion.Read more