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20 Jan

May 23, 2020 – Goodland, Kansas

While May 22 featured a decent tornado chance along the Red River, but given the distance, I opted to play a secondary target in Colorado hoping that upslope flow could get something to happen along the US 385 corridor between Lamar and Springfield. Alas, while we got to see a rather extensive grass fire which spawned some minor pyrocumulus, the day was otherwise a bust. After spending the night in Burlington we had a decision to make on where to chase this day

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05 Jun

April 13, 2019 – Failure in Louisiana

So, in the days leading up to April 13th, SPC began highlighting a severe risk in Northern Louisiana on the Day 5 outlook. I began to talk myself into chasing Dixie Alley. “At least you should do it once,” I kept telling myself. In my ten years of chasing, I’d heeded the warnings of other veterans that chasing down there is not fun. Winding, tree-lined roads lent itself to poor chasing visibility. That’s what I always heard. A few chasers who chased down there frequently would always counter with “there’s some good spots. It’s not all bad!”

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10 Mar

June 16, 2014 – The Pilger Day

This blog entry will be a little different than usual because the Pilger, Nebraska day was quite the failure for me and I’ve wrote about it in a couple of different places. While I caught the tail end of a very rain-wrapped tornado near Wakefield, a series of missteps and general apathy led to a disastrous chase day for me, probably my worst. I have no photos or videos from this chase, so it will mostly be a description of how I pictured the day to unfold and how I executed those plans.Read more

18 Jan

June 4, 2014 – Chimney Rock

June 4th was a sort of down day on the chase vacation. There was a slight chance for severe weather across the Nebraska Panhandle, Western Kansas and into Eastern Colorado, but probabilities were pretty low. A slight 35-40kt westerly flow at 500mb with CAPE values approaching 2,000 J/Kg provided decent dynamics and instability, but the cap was forecast to be moderate which might prevent any robust convection from taking off.Read more

10 Apr

April 9-10, 2013 – Midwest Busts

Going to consolidate these two days into one log since not much happened between them. In fact, I have no photos or video from either day. I really wasn’t expecting the two days to be complete duds, as there was a pretty decent H5 trough on the 9th that transitioned to a closed low on the 10th. However, a strong cold front was crashing across the nation and a quasi-stationary front was draped across the Midwest.Read more