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25 Jan

May 24, 2021 – Selden, Kansas Tornado

May 24th featured a stalled front across Kansas into Iowa and Minnesota with mid 60°F dewpoints pooling on the front while a shortwave trough was grazing the area presented a great opportunity for severe weather especially where any residual outflow boundaries might exist. I spent the night in Goodland and was planning to head down to Tribune or Leoti for my target.

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10 Oct

June 22, 2019 – Dusk tornado near Pritchett, Colorado

June 22nd featured a couple of targets for chasing. A cold front was expected to slide across the plains from Kansas into the Texas Panhandle extending from a low in Northern Kansas while a post-frontal upslope regime was also expected to take hold in Eastern Colorado from the I-25 corridor east. Since I’m not a fan of southeast-northeast oriented cold fronts and I really dig chasing in Colorado, this made the decision easy.

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06 Oct

June 15, 2019 – Putnam, Oklahoma Tornadoes

After spending the night in Hays, Kansas, June 15th presented another opportunity for severe weather throughout many portions of the country. A warm front across the Ohio River Valley presented the best chances for tornadoes, but I wasn’t about to drive to Illinois. My attention was towards Western Oklahoma which would be a prime position for storm development as a surface low was forecast to deepen in the Texas Panhandle. This would back surface winds throughout Western Oklahoma while a shortwave impulse pivoted through the area along with a very unstable airmass. This seemed to be a rather decent recipe for severe weather.

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