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23 Jun

June 23, 2010 – Northern Indiana Derecho

I was anticipating some pretty decent severe weather across central Lower Michigan.  This did not pan out at all.  I ended up heading just across the border into Indiana to at least catch the derecho that was heading east so the day wouldn’t be a complete loss.  I sat around home in Grass Lake, MI until about 1pm before I decided to go out.  Although the SPC had trimmed back the moderate risk to exclude most of mid-Michigan, the ingredients still looked pretty good.  The worrisome thing was the cloud shield left over from the MCS that cruised through in the early morning around 10am.  However, there was some clearing in Wisconsin and across Lake Michigan, so hopefully that’d propagate into Michigan.  I had figured everything in Illinois and Indiana would go linear and develop into a derecho as the day progressed and I figured central Michigan was the best chance for isolated storms.Read more