Month: May 2012

22 May

May 22, 2012 – Carpio, North Dakota Tornado

I had originally planned to do a mini chasecation starting on the 23rd, but when parameters starting looking slightly decent I added the 22nd to the front end of the vacation. The only problem was, I had to work the 21st, so would I be able to get to North Dakota in time for the show? I left home at about 6pm EDT and started the long trek westward. I arrived in Fargo, ND shortly after 8am CDT where I met up with Jennifer Brindley and Jonathan Williamson for some breakfast. The original plan, for me, was to sit in Bismarck as a target area. We finished breakfast and headed to Bismarck to formulate our next move!Read more

06 May

May 6, 2012 – Chasing Illinois

After an epic blue sky bust in Nebraska the previous day, my eyes were looking to play with some storms on the way back to Michigan. Slight risk was painted across much of the midwest from Illinois back south. I had spent the night in Newton, Iowa, so I delayed my departure to hopefully time it so I would be in Illinois near initiation time in the afternoon.Read more

05 May

May 5, 2012 – Suntanning in Nebraska

Ah, the epic sun tan chase bust in northeastern Nebraska. This day had been on several peoples’ radars as a possible tornado day. The main concerns were the weak upper air support and the cap. As it would turn out, that cap would be our undoing for the day. This chase started as an all night drive for me as I made the decision at the last second late Friday night to make the run.Read more