May 3, 2012
Backyard Chase

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Just a quick entry, Michigan was in a slight risk for the day and I left work early to go after the storms that had started to crop up to the west. A line had started to form with embedded cells, so I shot up north towards Charlotte to get on the best looking one.

Eventually, I got on one near Diamondale and it looked pretty decent, but soon after this photo it went outflow dominant as the line continued to merge and turn into a linear mess that moved off to the east.

After a bit, I punched the core of this storm on the north side of Lansing to see if it was anything and there was some half-inch hail in there. As it continued to race off to the north east, I dropped back south to intercept what was left on the line as I headed home and the rest of what I saw was rather lackluster:

Chase Recap

Jackson, MI @ 03/2100ZGrass Lake, MI @ 04/0037Z03 hours, 37 minutes


Chase Map

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