July 10, 2023
Central Nebraska



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July 10th featured an enhanced risk of severe storms across Southern Nebraska and Northwestern Kansas. While tornado expectations were low, I was expecting some cool supercell action. A wind shift boundary draped across Nebraska into Northwestern Kansas would be a focal point for storms in the afternoon.

SPC Day 1 Outlook

Since this was mostly a local chase, I was able to sit at home until around 21z before making the decision to go check out the storms to my west. As storms fired around Thedford, I made my way up highway 2 to intercept near Broken Bow.

North Platte radar at 21z with location marked

I takes me a little over an hour to get to Broken Bow and I head west of town several miles to watch the storms coming my way.

I tracked this storm for a little bit before it appeared to become disorganized so I turned south to try to get to the cell headed to North Platte. I eventually got a decent view of this storm from Maxwell but I would be unable to get in front of it as it was dropping baseball sized hail and I’d have to cut across the forward flank to get in position. I opted to just hang back to the east and get a couple shots before calling the chase.

North Platte radar at 7/11 0000z with location marked

Chase Recap

Grand Island, NE @ 10/2100ZGrand Island, NE @ 11/0158Z04 hours, 58 minutes


Chase Map

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