July 16, 2022
Howard County, Nebraska

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This is a short entry as I technically chased twice this day but the first one was kind of a bust where I drove up to O’Neill and then drove back home after not much happened and waited for later storms. I was expecting early afternoon storms in the northern portion of the marginal risk but that didn’t pan out.

1630z SPC day 1 outlook

I got back home after the “first” chase of the day around 22z and decided to just wait for storms to fire northwest of town. Cells did start to fire up north where I was earlier but it was kind of a mess. Luckily, as they migrated southeast they started to organize a bit and just before 0z I decided to head up to check em out.

Hastings radar at 2351z with location marked

I eventually got on the main cell that was moving southeast from Ord about 30 minutes later and was able to spot the leading shelf.

Chase Recap

Grand Island, NE @ 16/2347ZGrand Island, NE @ 17/0202Z02 hours, 15 minutes


Chase Map

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