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25 Sep

April 25, 2015 – Illinois

April 25th was the second day of a little mini chase weekend and a shortwave trough was moving east into the Ohio Valley while it deamplified a bit. That was coupled with the nose of a 130kt jet streak at 250mb and a sub-1000mb surface low that was progged to drift east throughout the day. The plan was to play in Southern Illinois just east of St. Louis where a clear slot was expected to form allowing for modest instability to develop and hope for storms to develop and ride the front.Read more

24 Aug

April 9, 2015 – Iowa / Illinois

The day began in Cameron, Missouri and our preliminary forecast was looking at the eastern portion of Iowa for supercells early on in the afternoon. A low pressure that was centered over eastern Nebraska was progged to move eastward dragging a trailing cold front along with it. To the east of the surface low a warm front across Iowa and northern Illinois was the focus of our chase for the day and we expected to play just east of the triple point.Read more

12 Nov

November 17, 2013 – Washington, Illinois Tornado

November 17, 2013 was a late season chase that was characterized by a rather high shear setup and some modest instability at the surface. Everything was pointing to this being an early show, like, really early. So, I left my house in Michigan at about 11z to head southwest and get in position. Even leaving at 6am, I was still worried I might not make it in time. SPC had a high risk out for the Illinois/Indiana area which included a 30% hatched probability for tornadoes. My initial plan was to stage in Kankakee and modify my position west and south from there depending on the conditions once the sun came up.Read more

10 Apr

April 9-10, 2013 – Midwest Busts

Going to consolidate these two days into one log since not much happened between them. In fact, I have no photos or video from either day. I really wasn’t expecting the two days to be complete duds, as there was a pretty decent H5 trough on the 9th that transitioned to a closed low on the 10th. However, a strong cold front was crashing across the nation and a quasi-stationary front was draped across the Midwest.Read more

06 May

May 6, 2012 – Chasing Illinois

After an epic blue sky bust in Nebraska the previous day, my eyes were looking to play with some storms on the way back to Michigan. Slight risk was painted across much of the midwest from Illinois back south. I had spent the night in Newton, Iowa, so I delayed my departure to hopefully time it so I would be in Illinois near initiation time in the afternoon.Read more