Month: January 2016

22 Jan

November 11, 2015 – Southern Iowa

November 11th presented an opportunity for the first chase in a while. A powerful system with a 120kt 500mb jet was moving into the Central Plains atop a deepening surface low that was going to pull 60 degree dewpoints into the target area. Coupled with a strong low level jet in the 60-70kt area provided more than adequate shear atop marginal to modest instability through southern Iowa and Northern Missouri.Read more

22 Jan

July 13, 2015 – Northern Illinois

July 13th presented a decent opportunity for severe weather across Northern Illinois and being within driving distance of home, it was pretty easy to pull the trigger and head out. An overnight MCS diving southeast through Illinois and Indiana into Kentucky as it followed the frontal boundary would probably lay down some nice outflow boundaries in the clear air behind in Northern Illinois and Eastern Iowa.Read more